Veni, vidi… imbibo… Scotch in a can?

21 01 2011

No… not that pre-mixed, ready-to-drink, c’mon-just-one-last-night-on-the-piss-before-my-second-trimester Scotch and dry. It’s just straight up whisky in a can.

"Veni vidi vici"? You sure as shit won't be doing any of that after shotgunning this baby.

From the Eater National website: Scottish Spirits suggests splitting it between three people, because it’s the size of a regular beer can. Seriously: it’s twelve ounces, or eight shots worth of whisky. Which is a lot for a container that’s not resealable.

Read the full article here:

It’s a legit point – what kind of lunatics would slap together that much whisky in a non-resealable container? (Well, the same kind of lunatics who would create a non-alcoholic Halal-approved whisky it seems…) How are you supposed to discreetly stuff it down your trousers before nonchalantly walking into some repulsively overpriced club?

I’m also a little suspicious of the asterisk placed right after “WHISKY”. Perhaps it’s just “distilled spirit with the finest blend of artificial malted barley and grain flavouring” in the fine print?

The masochist in me will be buying a can of this crap if I ever come across it.