Jester King Black Metal Imperial Stout

14 01 2011

There are so many microbreweries out there nowadays, it must be difficult to get your product noticed amongst the glut of other craft/boutique beers. However, a brewery in Texas, Jester King, will likely have the metalhead market cornered soon with this new release:

Black Metal is Jester King’s winter seasonal release. Weighing in at about 10% ABV, it’s filled with huge flavors of roast, chocolate, burnt malt and alcohol and carries a hint of leather. We encourage Black Metal to be enjoyed from a snifter at a serving temperature between 57 and 61 degrees Fahrenheit.

That’s about 14 to 16 degrees Celsius, for those of us who don’t use nonsensical units of measurement. Anyway, read more about the beer here.

The delightful chap on the label looks an awful lot like Abbath from Immortal. Wonder if they’re paying him some kind of royalty fee, or at least sending him a case of the stuff…?

Can’t say I fancy our chances of seeing it available here in Australia. All cheesiness aside, it seems like a very tasty brew.