If you asked me what this blog was about, I suppose I’d say “drinking”. To be more accurate, the intention is to write about whatever I feel like writing about, with the underlying and unifying theme of drinks – brewed, fermented, distilled, fortified, or otherwise. I’m not entirely sure how to do this without conveying a portrait of ravenous dipsomania.

As mentioned in the sidebar, I’m no expert on alcoholic beverages. I’m not a walking encyclopedia of booze, nor do I have anything resembling a refined nose or palate. I’ve tried my hand at a few whisky tasting notes, but if you’re seeking meticulous evaluations of drinks then you’re in the wrong place.

As for myself? I currently live in Melbourne and have barely just entered my thirties. Whilst aging is not an affair that I generally look upon with delight, it somewhat lends more tenability to my frequent snipes over what “these bloody kids nowadays” are drinking, listening to, and wearing.

I hold a Bachelor of Asian Studies (Hons) degree, which so far has proved rather ineffectual in my search for gainful and meaningful employment, although I can imagine I’d be perfectly content shovelling barley at a remote distillery somewhere. Throughout the course of my studies I spent two semesters in Kumamoto, Japan, and a few months in Shanghai, China. In July 2011 I commenced a Master of International Relations.

Prior to my studies I had also lived in Tokushima, Japan, working as an English language instructor. As you would expect, some of the content of this blog leans toward Japan-related matters. Japanese whisky, in particular, is a fascinating phenomenon.

Aside from the demon drink and East Asian affairs, my interests are predominated by music. I currently play taiko drums within a local yet sizeable group, and as a listener, I’m frequently laying waste to my eardrums with metal, neo-folk, industrial, and a healthy dose of classic rock and 80s/new-wave. My favourite radio station in Melbourne is Golden Days Radio 95.7FM, give it a try.