Fire damages Rochefort Trappist beer abbey in Belgium

2 01 2011

A 13th-Century Belgian abbey famous for its brewery has been damaged by fire but the monks escaped unhurt and the vats survived intact.

Rest of the article here:

This really ought to be the final (and long overdue) nail in the coffin for religious-based temperance movements. Their god clearly wants them to consume beer, or at the very least, delicious Trappist ales.


New make spirit

1 01 2011

A new blog for a new year.

のんだくれ (nondakure) – drunkard; piss-artist

I’m of the opinion that names are given to you by those around you. As such, I’ve never been comfortable with using any sort of whimsical self-bestowed pseudonym.

One evening in late 2009, whilst sitting in a bar in Kumamoto with my friend and bartender, Takeshi, watching another bartender friend fronting a cover band tearing through songs by The Doors, The Rolling Stones, Vanilla Fudge, Shocking Blue, Deep Purple, Santana and numerous others, Takeshi turns to me and says, “Ash… you are nondakure!”

Given that the domain/username of “nondakure” is already occupied on Blogspot and WordPress, I’ve simply decided to use substitute the “o” with a zero. I considered using “suiho” (1: drunken stagger; tottering gait; 2: (math) drunkard’s walk; random walk)… but as I said, names are given, not taken.

So, this is how I saw in the new year:

Chimay Cinq Cents... it was on sale at Acland Cellars. Couldn't say no.

Cheers to 2011.