From indifferent to worse

5 01 2011

Latest bottle kill – The Glenlivet 15 year old French Oak Reserve. Not awful by any means, but not terribly sad to see it go, either. Leaned a little too far towards the dry and spicy end of things, and perhaps a touch short on the finish. Not quite my style… then again, that’s never stopped me from finishing a bottle before.

In fact, I think the only vessel of filthy rotgut I was never able to finish purely out of revulsion was a “Christmas beer” from Spendrups, a Swedish brewery. Let that be a lesson to all – don’t buy beer from Ikea, no matter how badly you need a drink after navigating a kilometre-long cattle run of screaming kids and irate parents, bizarre home decorations called Snörllagöpkinvikhävet, and bedding that doesn’t conform to standard bloody bed sizes so you have to go back to that cursed place to buy fitted sheets that actually fit.

No, really, I love you Sweden. I love your worldly and well-educated populace, your majestic landscapes, your late 80s and early 90s death metal scene, and I’m hanging to try some Mackmyra single malt. I’d even give Surströmming a go… after a few drinks first. Anything but Spendrups Christmas beer. Eugh.