Drinker’s indolence strikes again

17 06 2011

I’ve been shockingly lazy with this thing, although my laziness is far from shocking for most people who know me in person. Admittedly I’ve been a little distracted by the recent acquisition of L.A. Noire for the Playstation 3. However, this isn’t a blog about video games, so all I’ll say is that I’m rather fond of the protagonist’s hard-arsed partner in homicide, Rusty Galloway, who doesn’t allow the trifling distractions of detective work to stand in the way of a drink. “Three fingers of rye, bartender.”

Anyway, continuing from my last post, an extraordinary amount of BrewDog has been passing through this beer-ravenous maw I use sporadically for eating and frequently for cursing at these two cats who seem to take an almost palpable pleasure at shitting on the kitchen floor. Now I’m just getting sidetracked.

As part of Good Beer Week (going back a few weeks here), Chapel St Cellars held an Abstrakt tasting session. Abstrakt is a very limited run of unusual bottle-conditioned beers from the boozy haggis-gobblers at BrewDog, named simply for their batch numbers (e.g. AB:01, AB:02, and so on… have a look at this link for descriptions of each Abstrakt). Our session encompassed AB:01 all the way to AB:05.

Yeah, not a great photo.

Given the stretch of time between the tasting and the time at which I’m writing this, the finer details have completely escaped my mind. Here’s what I recall – AB:01 was heavily reminiscent of a Trappist ale, and a good effort at that. AB:02 was far too bitter for my liking. Not simply hoppy, just bitter. AB:03 was a curiosity, and the one I was looking forward to the most… an imperial ale casked for two years in whisky barrels with raspberries and strawberries. Couldn’t taste the whisky, to me it tasted much like sparkling white wine with Chambord. AB:04 was a colossal smashing of coffee and chocolate, and AB:05 was like a softer, more rounded version of the AB:04 with less coffee.

The folks at Chapel St Cellars even put on a decent cheese platter afterwards. Except for that thing with nuts in it, whatever that crap is. That shit will send me to the emergency ward in no time.

So, that’s it for the BrewDogs for the moment. There’s been plenty of other drinking going on recently (to state the bloody obvious), plus a book review or two I’d like to thrash out, so once I get my act together I’m hoping to update Nondakure more often!