State of the brewnion

5 02 2011

The Age, despite churning out a lot of tabloid-esque crap of late, published a decent article on the current state (and adventurousness) of microbreweries and beer drinkers in Victoria.

The beer cocktails at Beer DeLuxe in Federation Square include a martini infused with three hop varieties. Another uses Japanese sweet stout and a condensed version of the sweet, malty wort produced during the brewing process of Mountain Goat’s Hightail Ale. They are very much a niche within this niche market. But they’re also a sign of the growing desire in the industry to experiment and educate — and of an eagerness among drinkers to hunt down new beer experiences.

Full article here:

Beer cocktails may sound rather heretical to the purists, although I’d be willing to give them a go. Us Victorians have it pretty bloody good when it comes to beer.



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