Vodka addendum

25 01 2011

So, it appears I’ve ruffled a few feathers with my post about vodka! Seems like there won’t be any rapprochement between the worlds of whisky and vodka here at Nondakure HQ.

Because I’m one of those scumbags who enjoys dragging out an online argument for far longer than necessary, I wish to share a link with you all – an article at Bloomberg Businessweek from 2008 titled World’s Best Vodka? It’s Anybody’s Guess at: If you can’t be arsed reading it, all you really need to know is the lead sentence: “Vodka’s taste notes are so subtle that people make their choices based on bottle and label design, country of origin – and brand story“. How much more proof do we need to realise that a large number of vodka drinkers are being duped by a clever marketing team? Not to say that whisky distilleries don’t employ marketing teams nor try to project a particular image, but at the end of the day, if you’ve got 200 litres of shit maturing in a cask then no marketing team is going to be able to save that.

I won’t fall for your faux-sophisticated marketing gimmicks, vodka!

Now, still somewhat on the point, Drinkhacker just recently added a review of a particular bison grass vodka (very timely of them!) called ZU, right here. I was completely unaware that “Zubrowka” is a generic Polish term for that style of vodka. Gotta say, I still have a soft spot for that stuff.




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